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On Hiatus right now until further notice. Gotta finish some personal things first. ]] 

You find yourself taking the role of Hurato Mimorya, a young 17 year old American youth who is in the middle of his high school year. It isn't until against his will, his parents force him from his home to take on the role of a shrine tender for a far away place deep in the depths of an Asian shrine. Turns out his grandparents have given over their passed down traditions, even though Hurato isn't happy about it at all. Being forced into a creepy shrine, he finds there's more to this 'shrine tending' then he was let on. He's got a fox and a planned destiny just for him...

Note:Please excuse anything missing as of now! This is completely for fun and I'm doing this in my free time with using bear minimum with no money spent. 

*Have added some sprites to fill in for side characters. Figure it would be better than looking at nothing. :')


Yikes. Well this is a bummer. Had gotten an SSD and reset my hard drive without thinking. So... Sadly will have to start from scratch. At least this idea template is here when I get to it. Sorry bout that. :)


AProperHeritage-0.4-pc.zip 102 MB


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Sounds really good so far. I will play whenever I can.

I really enjoyed the demo, good job!